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Russian Speaking Flight Attendant/Private Jet Manager, London

Industry Other
Location London
Job Type Permanent
Date 31 January 2018

We are currently recruiting a highly experienced and professional flight attendant to join a crew of a private jet of a Russian UHNW Family based in London.

Duties include:

  • Greets owners/passengers pre-flight, briefs them on the specific flight / trip and verifies itinerary.
  • Acts as a liaison for owners/passengers from the time the owners/passengers arrive at the FBO until they have safely landed at their final destination and have departed the final FBO.
  • Must properly stow on aircraft all carry on cabin luggage as needed and handling of various animals that are “pets” to the owners/passengers.
  • Anticipates and prepares for owners and guests needs and expectations and tailors service to create an exceptional flight experience. This includes setting the appropriate ambience for each phase of the flight (e.g., meals, movies, sleeping, etc.).
  • Delivers the finest level of food preparation and presentation including by setting/clearing tables and plating and serving meals in a timely manner.
  • Must be able to work varying hours including day and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays.
  • Work environment is subject to frequent changes in cabin altitude from sea level to 40,000 feet, variable positive and negative loads and turbulence in-flight.
  • Acts as the final authority on his/her aircraft with respect to all areas of operation including the applicable safety and regulatory guidance. Must follow all transportation authority, company and other applicable safety regulations.
  • Must be punctual and dependable and report to work on a regular and timely basis.
  • Prepares the airplane for flight per the transport authority guidelines and Original Equipment Manufacture’s (OEM) checklists.
  • Conducts detailed examination of interior of aircraft, operating and testing various equipment. Reviews any discrepancies and advises PIC for safe flight operation.
  • Stocks airplane cabin with required equipment and materials and other emergency equipment as well as linens, blankets, magazines and other amenities for passengers.
  • In the event of abnormal or emergency situations, coordinates with the flight crew to determine if immediate action is required or landing is necessary.
  • Must be prepared to effectively and summarily act in emergency situations while remaining calm and responsive to PIC authority and transport authority communication as well as alert and sensitive to Owners/passengers safety and concerns.
  • Responsible for preparing the aircraft for the next flight segment or properly securing the aircraft for shutdown when it is the last flight for the day.
  • Responsible for cleaning including vacuuming, restocking of commissary, and removal of refuse.
  • Responsible for properly communicating any maintenance abnormalities or discrepancies to the PIC. Additionally, must properly complete any paperwork associated with any discrepancies or events that could have or did affect the flight.


  • Having knowledge of in-flight safety.
  • Having good communication skills
  • Being able to work alone or with a team.
  • Being flexible.
  • Being polite
  • Having customer service skills.
  • Being able to work under pressure.
  • Having interpersonal skills.
  • Being prepared for emergency situations.
  • Having high attention to details.
  • Good command in English and Russian, additional language will be an advantage

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